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Re: HELP!! (fwd)

Hi dinophiles!
        This is not an atypical answer to a question on the net. I answer 
more fully when the subject is difficult but show little mercy to "tell 
me about dinosaur extinction"!

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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 22:25:05 -0500
>From: Ray McAllister <mcallist@gate.net>
Newgroups: sci.geo.geology
Subject: Re: HELP!! 

        Try the nearest local good library. There is no substitute for 
library research on such a topic. Undoubtedly Connecticut has a 
Geological Survey and they are often at either the State capitol or a big 
university. But we will not do your research for you. It would defeat the 
purpose of your education. The net is wonderful, but so is a good library.

Ray McAllister, Prof (Emeritus) Ocean Eng., FAU, Boca Raton, FL 33064
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On 13 Mar 1995, Busk333 wrote:

> I am an undergrad looking for geo papers, primarily hard rock material,
> for connecticut geology.  How can I access UConn or yale resources?  Any
> recomendations for structural geology papers  THanx