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>>>I'm not aiming this specifically at Seth Tucker and Jim Carter--it's
>>>been on my mind for a couple of weeks. Basically, to what extent is
>>>it appropriate for people to be posting open-ended requests for
>>>information in order to do their schoolwork?
>Even research level questions could fall into that category.  Let's
>try to treat each request on its own, and use some common sense.  If
>the noise level start to increase, then maybe we'll find a way to create
>the FAQ.

May I suggest what might be a better, or more productive, way to deal with
this - namely through the Dinosaur Society?  After all, the society is
seeking to raise funds for dino research, and children are one of its target
markets.  If the society could produce fact sheets of this sort, either in
print or (better) on a web site, they could be used to draw attention to its
goals (the sheets could be password protected for society members if they
were on the web, or the site could include a membership application form).
Afer all, this is my understanding of what, in part, the society was
intended to do.

In the meantime, may I suggest that any FAQ strongly urge the requester to
join the society?

I say this as a mere member, NOT an employee, board member or other
representative of the society.
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