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Re: Dealing with homework requests

OK, can we get off of this subject which is IMHO getting really,really 
getting old (Late Archean), Anyway Let's get back on the issue in which  
this list was created. I can put up with a lot of complaining but this tops.  
I think that the only thing we can do if you really want to help them is 
give them the references and let them do the research. It's true that we 
cannot just hand feed them the information yet we do have some 
responsibility as Paleontologists, no matter what level, to answer 
questions of the public (I myself think that it's kind of fun). What we 
should do is give them the forks and let them dig in. What I mean is give 
them the beginning of the answer but leave them with the rest to figure 
out(Clues?). This may sound alittle hokie but it works. Now let's get 
back to the Holocene and talk about dinosaurs.....

Aaron Feuk
Preparator,Dept. of Earth Sciences
Pacific Lutheran University