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Re: Doing Kids Homework

>    Is there a general Net-iquette for quoting for adults?  I am wondering in
>particular about who holds such a thing as a copyright on a net conversation?
>(Not for any particular application, mind you, just I wonder about that sort
>of thing)

Copyright issues were discussed some on the rocks-and-fossils mailing list
a while back.  The concensus seemed to be that what someone posts is
automatically copyrighted by the poster, without any specific copyright
notice required.  But "fair-use" provisions allow for including all or
part of another person's posting for purposes of discussion.  Technically,
permission needs to be obtained from the author to use their posting
for other purposes.  A FAQ should probably have an explicit statement
either putting the document in the public domain, or if the authors
want to retain copyright, allowing reproduction if the authors copyright
is noted in the reproduction.