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Re: Doing Kids Homework

>2). As a teacher I would ask that they be given age-appropriate
>bibliographic references, so as not to discourage kids from >further
research. If they are beginning researchers they need all >the help they can
get. If the only info they are referred to or are >able to find on their own
is way over their heads, they are very >likely to become frustrated and give
up on research. We cannot >afford to let this happen - science and research
are not >encouraged anywhere near enough now at the elem. level. >However, if
you do not know of an age-appropriate reference, then >I believe it is better
to give them the info, than to not. 

    Remember these are pretty sophisticated kids, and that if they're
dinosaur nuts like the rest of us, they've seen all the same tv shows and
news reports about new finds.  They're as likely to come up with tough
questions as not.  (like the Triceratops neck frill question), so much in the
way of references will NOT be aimed at K-6 grades.
    They're also as enamored of the Net as many of us adults are, and many
may be asking questions merely to be able to say they "spoke" to some
    Is there a general Net-iquette for quoting for adults?  I am wondering in
particular about who holds such a thing as a copyright on a net conversation?
(Not for any particular application, mind you, just I wonder about that sort
of thing)

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)