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RE: Re; Deinonychus etc

I wholeheartedly agree with the statements here, and I don't think its just 
a bunch of crotchety old scientists blowing off steam at defenseless kids. 
Maybe it's my bias as a writer used to doing my own research, or maybe it's 
my bias because my wife is a librarian, but the way to use this forum is to 
do the research first, notice something that doesn't "sound right" and then 
provoke a discussion between some of the experts who check in. This is not a 
place for a brain dump. Isn't that what text books are for?

I guess the good news is that more and more young students are using the 
forum. Who knows what might come from the mouths of these babes...

Garret H. Romaine
Senior Technical Writer
RadiSys Corp.
Beaverton, Oregon