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Doing Kids Homework

As an elementary school teacher, my preference would be that you give them a
list of age-appropriate bibliographic references that you KNOW will answer
their question. There are two main reasons for this - 1). Many elementary
school students will simply copy word for word what is given to them into
their report or paper - most likely without citing a reference to the source.
If they have a good teacher, they will be required to cite a reference and
possibly show a printed copy of the information. The form of the citation
obviously should vary with the grade level and experience of the students.
2). As a teacher I would ask that they be given age-appropriate bibliographic
references, so as not to discourage kids from further research. If they are
beginning researchers they need all the help they can get. If the only info
they are referred to or are able to find on their own is way over their
heads, they are very likely to become frustrated and give up on research. We
cannot afford to let this happen - science and research are not encouraged
anywhere near enough now at the elem. level. However, if you do not know of
an age-appropriate reference, then I believe it is better to give them the
info, than to not. It helps them to learn that how to find the info they
need. I would much rather have my students know where to find the info or who
to ask than to try and remember it all. It is impossible for them (or anyone)
to know it all, so you can get much farther in life by knowing where to find
answers than someone who doesn't.
And in the immortal words of Dennis Miller - "that's just my opinion, I could
be wrong"

Jamie Rogers
Tchr Jamie
give a man a fish & you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish & he can
feed himself for a lifetime