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Re: Yo! Brachiodudes!

In a fairly recent kids' dino book my son got from the library there was
plausible hypothesis, complete with astounding illustration, that high-
nostril sauropods could have had a tapir-like or elephant-like trunk, which
understandably wouldn't have fossilized.  Modern mammals with extended
snouts, like elephants, tapirs, elephant seals, have high nasal openings
in the skull, just as Brachiosaurus has.  By convergent evolution (especially
since brachiosaurids and elephants are thought to have had somewhat similar
high-browsing lifestyles), perhaps a trunk would allow just a little longer
reach to animals already reaching pretty high.  Isn't one of the extinct
camels also typically reconstructed with an extended snout?

Is the idea of a sauropod trunk worth consideration?

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