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Re: Brachiodudes' nasalthingies

> A possilbe reason for the position may have to do
> with feeding - the snout could reach into the foliage of trees to chomp off
> (but NOT chew!!) a piece, but the nostrils wouldn't be choked by the other
> leaves.  A variant on this (which might work for diplodocoids, but not for
> the more giraffe-like euhelopodids and brachiosaurids) would let the
> sauropod reach into very shallow water to pull up food, while the nostrils
> would still be exposed to air.
> Other thoughts?                       
> Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.

Is it possible that the head crest containing the nostril is a resonating
chamber for "honking", as postulated for hadrosaurs? Or can the long neck be
used as a resonating tube for making sound?

Scott Horton
Geophysicist/Computer Programmer