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Re: Dino DNA in fossil egg

>> ... the Chinese claim to have found dinosaur DNA in a fossilized egg.
> ... I would like to see the method they 
>used because if it was similar to that used by Vianey-Liaud et al 
>(1994) in Dinosaur Eggs and Babies, the results would be highly 
>suspect and likely contaminated.

I have an article from a Hong Kong newspaper, with the source being the
China News Agency.  Here's a summary, but because I don't know the
scientific lingo, there are a few terms I can't translate.  

Accompanying the article are also 2 pictures of fragments of said egg,
taken in Feb 1994.  From these black & white photos, it is impossible to
see the gray-brown and purplish areas from which the amino acids are 


At the Life Sciences Institute of the Beijing University, Dr. Chan
Jiang-Liang and his students have isolated DNA material from a type C
dinosaur egg fossil.  This was done using advanced molecular biology
equipment and methods including isotope markers (?) and PCR enhancement(?).  

By comparing with American and European genetic databases (?), these DNA
fragments are found to be different from those of amphibians, reptiles,
birds, mammals and human.  The compatibility (?) of 18SrDNA is 73% to 82%; 
thus they conclude that the DNA fragments are not from contamination by
human or bacteria. 


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