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Bakker and popularizing science

I find many of the criticisms laid at Bakker's door to be unfair.
        If you read his books, he does present detailed evidence to back
up his beliefs for the hot-blooded dinos, and several other hypotheses.
He presents theym as hypotheses, and counters the other h7ypotheses
(and thereby gives them airplay).  

if you are criticizing his performances on videas, i suspect that his 
time has been severely limiited by the producers, which does not give
him time to support his beliefs fully.  The producers should be faulted
for not allowing him more time to explanin the whole controversy, or
for not doing their homework enoughto get to the experts who present
the other side.  It is also possible that much of what he really said
ended up on the cutting room floor.  As most of you know, we have little
control over the product after the camera crew leaves the office
(or after the reporter leaves too!). 

Bakker should be praised tfor taking the controversies to the public.
If people are getting a very biased fview from the viedeos, producers
and the public themselves are equally to blme for not going to printed
sources for followup . 

I may not agree with Bakker on all of his arguments, but he is doing a 
great service for dinosaurs in the public eye.  We all should do so much.
And rather than criticizing his methods, let offer the media help to improve
their work.  If we don't like the job he is doing, let's us do it better,
rather than sitting in our offices bitching about it!

Bonnie Blackwell,                               bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu
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