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Re: Dino DNA in fossil egg

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995 15:30:37 -0500, Chris Illes wrote:

>                 From the Desk of Chrysalis
> Dino DNA in fossil egg
>My local paper today carried an article from Reuters that the Chinese claim
>to have found dinosaur DNA in a fossilized egg.
>More specifically they said they "discovered organic substances that contain
>amino acids in a 'cottonlike' part of the inner surface of the egg's cavity".
>The egg is from the central Henan province and is believed to be 70 million
>years old. Also that they "found DNA in the egg and succeeded in obtaining a
>variety of gene fragments."
>Other news in the same article (also on China) was about "a diet imbalance
>that was traced to the diseased shell of fossilized eggs" being a clue to the
>"disappearance of the Jurassic giants."
>Any comments, particularly on the latter part of egg shells? Is this a new

In about 1979-1980 Erben et al had a nice paper on european eggs and 
a change in the nature of the eggshell that occured near the end of the 
Cretaceous.  A real classic and well worth reading.  I wish I had mine 
here to give the actual citation.  At any rate, their interpretation was 
one of increasing stress.  

Rich Hengst
Purdue North Central