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Dino DNA in fossil egg

                 From the Desk of Chrysalis
 Dino DNA in fossil egg
My local paper today carried an article from Reuters that the Chinese claim
to have found dinosaur DNA in a fossilized egg.

More specifically they said they "discovered organic substances that contain
amino acids in a 'cottonlike' part of the inner surface of the egg's cavity".
The egg is from the central Henan province and is believed to be 70 million
years old. Also that they "found DNA in the egg and succeeded in obtaining a
variety of gene fragments."

Other news in the same article (also on China) was about "a diet imbalance
that was traced to the diseased shell of fossilized eggs" being a clue to the
"disappearance of the Jurassic giants."

Any comments, particularly on the latter part of egg shells? Is this a new