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Dino lives Jurassic Japan.

Konnichiwa, Minasan !

Japanese newspaper reported dinosaur footprints found in Nagano, Japan.

  Nagano museum announced four early Jurassic (about 200 million years
 ago) dinosaur footprints found in Kotani-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano.  
These footprints are 500 Mya older than the other dinosaur fossils and 
footprints have been found in Japan. (Most of them found from Cretaceous)
They may be the oldest dinosaur remains in Japan.
  These footprints found from the Kuruma formation (208Mya-178Mya), 
by curator of Nagano museum last October.
  They are on the almost perpendicular cliff extent of the 2m high, 1.5m
width.  Sizes of footprints were 21cm in length, 11.5cm in width.  Two 
of them were lined in same direction at intervals of 75cm.  
  The species of dinosaur was can't identified from the footprint, but they 
have three fingers with claw.  Nagano museum say they are made by one 
individual of small (2-3m long) carnivorous dinosaur and want to compare 
Chinese dinosaur footprints.

  I read more interesting article about dinosaur DNA.  The evening edition
of Yomiuri Shinbun (one of the Japanese major newspaper) reported 
Chinese scientist extracted dinosaur DNA from dinosaur egg fossil.  I read 
this article in restaurant, I don't have it.  I'll get it and report it here a
s soon 
as possible.  If you can access on-line news service, please check it.

Michiaki ENDO