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new refs

Some quickies for your consideration:

The current issue of FamilyPC (March 1995) has a review of dinosaur
multimedia software - The Microsoft, 3-D Dino Adventure, Prehistoria,
and Dinosaur Museum - which doesn't appear to be the same as another
title marketed as Dinosaur Museum by the Smithsonian Institution through
the Software Marketing Corporation - instead this is by Softkey. These
were analyzed by family testers who considered the data as only 30% of
the score with fun (25%), Ease of Use (20%) and Replay Potential (25%)
being the rest. They liked the Microsoft package best and the rest in
the order I listed them.

   Dinosaur Reference. FamilyPC, March, 1995: pp. 88-92.

The current Issue of Lapidary Jounral (at least in our library -
February 1995) has an article entitled Triceratops Twostep about
the infamous Raymond - the first "articulated" arm of Triceratops
with discussions on posture. It's ok, although, as can be typical
with more popular literature it tends to look at things as either/
or rather than a continuum with various options. It also tends to
meander too long with Bakker and not long enough on the other
scientists veing discussed, of both viewpoints. I haven't seen the
specimen but, typically, am in the middle - more erect than old
reconstructions but not as erect as Bakker would have it. Ken would
be nice to hear from now (hint). The ref.

Donnan, Kristin. 1995. Triceratops Twostep. Lapidary Journal,
    Feb. 1995, 48(1):63-70.


Stossel, I. 1995. The discovery of a new Devonian tetrapod trackway
    in SW Ireland. J. Geol. Soc. London 152:407-413. There's an umlaut
    on the o in Stossel, by the way.

A nice trackway that may be as old as Middle Devonian with a bunch o'
prints (15) from what seems to be about a 1 meter long tetrapod - a larger
beast than has been id'd at this age rock. Neato stuff.

TTFN, Ralph Chapman, NMNH