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Re: hot-dinosaurs

> >>        I feel the reason the subject keeps popping up, and is so
> >>deeply researched, as to do with classifying dino's as reptiles.
> >>If it can be shown that they were not cold blooded, would it not
> >>be an argument for breaking them away from the reptiles, and
> >>giving them a class equal to reptilia, and mammalia?

However one defines Reptilia, thermoregulatory strategy and metabolism do not
feature in the definition - hard (bone etc) anatomy is sufficient to identify 
clade described by Tom Holtz.  Metabolism is notoriously variable within clades
(eg insects, fish) and on pragmatic grounds something which does not fossilise
is not of much diagnostic use.  I feel the main reason it keeps popping up is 
Bakker & co (including Speilberg) keep it in the public arena, whereas the 
counter arguments are largely restricted to the academic literature.