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Re: hot-dinosaurs

>>        I guess I started something with my endothermy questions.
>>amoung the comments, I noticed a counter question (who cares about
>>hot-blooded vs. cold-blooded dino's?).
>>        I feel the reason the subject keeps popping up, and is so
>>deeply researched, as to do with classifying dino's as reptiles.
>>If it can be shown that they were not cold blooded, would it not
>>be an argument for breaking them away from the reptiles, and
>>giving them a class equal to reptilia, and mammalia?
>You may be aware that cladists do not really recognize the Class Reptilia.
>Anyway if you do that what are you going to do with the rest of the

Actually, many cladists accept Reptilia (with or without the rank "Class").

Reptilia = the most recent common ancestor of turtles, lepidosaurs, and
crocodiles and all descendants of that ancestor.  From that, dinosaurs and
birds are included in Reptilia, but the Synapsida (including the
"mammal-like reptiles") are not.

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