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Re: Attn: University Faculty

>Can anyone recommend a graduate school for someone who wants to work=20
>with dinosaurs?
>Since a young child I have been in love with the beasts.  I guess I've=20
>never grown up.  (It seems odd to have a forum in which I can say that=20
>and avoid ridicule.)
>While there seems to be a lot of Mesozoic fans, the number of people who=20
>can (and are willing to) accept a grad student in dinosaur paleobiology=20
>appears disproportionate.
>I have good credentials and abundant enthusiasm, but I just don't know=20
>where to start. =20
>Much thanks to anyone who can help.

The three big universities are: University of California-Berkley, University=
 of Chicago, and Yale University.  There are a variety of other smaller=
 colleges that have decent programs as well.

One additional comment (from one who is conducting the same search).  If you=
 have a preference for what type of dinosaur you'd like to work with, take a=
 look in the literature for people who are doing active research in that=
 area, and try to get hooked up with him/her.  It would not only help insure=
 your admission, but that professer could help you get grant money and the l=

Hope that helps,


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