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> >7) Diplodocids?
> -Mixed.
> >8) Brachiosaurs?
> -Mixed.

      These are pretty humungous animals.  They might have an impressive 
stride, but I find it hard to beleive they would be able to outrun a 
theropod, even if they wanted to.  After all, an Allosaurus attacking a 
Brachiosaurus would be a biological version of Pickett's Charge.

> >11) Heterodontosaurs?
> -Fight.

      Opposite situation:  Those fangs might be impressive in 
intraspecific combat, but against a theropod with an entire mouthfull of 
nasty teeth and claws to boot, it seems unlikely.   
> >15) Plateosaurs?
> -Flight.

     These guys had some pretty impressive claws on ther forefeet.  

LN Jeff