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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #24

The reference for each of the following four dinosaur _nomina nuda_ should be
changed from Zhao, 1986 to Chao, 1985:


I've seen the reference cited as Chao, 1985 (apparently when Zhao Xijin was
spelling his name Chao Shichin--makes life confusing, eh?) rather than Zhao,
1986 in several recent articles. The full reference, in case you're
interested, is:

Chao Shichin, 1985. "The reptilian fauna of the Jurassic in China," in _The
Jurassic System of China_, Wang S., Cheng Z. & Wang N., eds., Beijing,
Geological Publishing House: 286-289, 347, pl. 10, 11 [in Chinese].