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Fwd: Re: extinction at the K/T boundary

The idea that a comet did in the dinos of course presumes that there 
was an
unusually big impact at the K/T boundary. In the latest Geology 
evidence that the Mexican crater was formed before the K/T was 
presented. I
hope it proves to be true. Besides, no good impact mechanism for 
killing off
ALL the few hundred dinosaur species of which - most were probably weed
species with very high rates of reproduction and independent juveniles 
- has
been offered. 


  The Geology article gives hope to many of us!  This impact=dino 
extinction theory has become -The Blob- oozing into every area of 
scientific thought.  
  You mention a few hundred dinosaur species being -impacted- at the 
K/T. Do you think that dino diversity had increased to that extant by 
the end of the Cretaceous?  Phil Currie stated recently that his teams 
had documented only about 12 species of dinos alive in Canada and/or 
China at the time of the K/T.  

                    Virginia Tidwell