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>Now, among dinosaurian prey, mostly the herbivores, which ones use the
>"fight" and "flight" techniques to survive predators?

It would definately depend on the situation.  When we watch cheetah hunt, we=
 see that the gazelle usually runs.  However, there are a few instances=
 where the gazelle turns it's horns on the cheetah.  I suspect that the=
 temperment and armament of the herbivore would have to be taken into=
 account, but here's my thoughts (I'll ignore groups that I don't know very=

>1) Ceratopians?
-Small genera would usually use flight, while the larger would choose fight.

>2) Hadrosaurs?
-Flight mostly

>3) Hypsilophodontids?

>5) Iguanodonts?

>7) Diplodocids?

>8) Brachiosaurs?

>9) Pachycephalosaurs?
-Fight occasionally, flight otherwise.

>11) Heterodontosaurs?

>12) Ankylosaurs/Nodosaurs?

>13) Stegosaurs?

>14) Ornithomimosaurs?

>15) Plateosaurs?

=46eel free to amend these as neccessary.


Q. What echinoderm is very sad?

A. Crinoid.