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Re: A query concerning Parasaurolophus

>In a message dated 95-11-10 22:52:07 EST, RaptorRKC@aol.com writes:
>>Suppose we had a live Parasaurolophus.  What would happen if we chopped the
>>crest off?  Would the animal suffocate?
>Probably not: the nasal passages would still be open to the air. It would not
>be a kind thing to do to a _Parasaurolophus_, though.

One way to determine this: Are there any specimens of hadrosaurines showing
evidence that the crest containing the extended nasal passages was breached
by injury and re-healed in life?  Presumably such a specimen would be proof
that the animals would not have suffocated as the result of such an injury.

Actually, although it seems logical to assume that these animals could
breathe through these passages (certainly they would have had to do so if
these were indeed sound-producing organs), but is there any reason to assume
that they were obliged to do so?  After all, it would not have required an
injury to block these passages - if dinos could catch colds they might have
had the same effect that a good case of flu does on our ability to brreathe
nasally!  Is there any reason to assume that these animals could not breathe
via the mouth if they had to?
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