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Here is the second section:


The juvenile can remember the small, light-brown bodies springing up out of
nowhere.  She remembers the first pain, the first blood they drew as a group
of them ran up and jumped onto her, digging their claws into her torso,
ripping and tearing.  It happened so fast, she had no time to run -- soon
there weight holding down her body so she could not move.  The predators were
working quickly and silently, she could hear them breathing and their muscles
twitching as their claws tore at her belly.  So much pain.  Her own blood was
forming a puddle beneath her body.

The duckbill received a burst of energy, and she moved her body around
violently, knocking the three predators onto the ground.  She swung her tail
around, her blood still dripping like water out of a broken faucet, honking
loudly.  The pain was still there, and she was weakened from the attack, but
she still had enough energy to fight back.  She swung her tail and body
around again, and started running towards the water hole, hoping the
predators would not follow.

She waded into the water, the cool liquid soothing her wounds.  Only thinking
about escaping the predators, she continued wading out, and soon the
water-bottom no longer touched her hooves.  She began swimming -- duckbills
could swim even though they were not aquatic animals.

She thought she would be safe.

The animal became submerged, and she realized this when she could no longer
breath.  Her lungs were hurting -- they wanted fresh air.  There was weight
on her back, but she struggled to reach the surface again, and the weight
vanished.  Her nose emerged above the water, and her nostrils expanded as
they sucked in the air.  

She heard breathing.  She looked around, and the predators were swimming to
her side.  The duckbills mind had never witnessed predators in water, so she
had instinctively concluded that they wouldnt follow her into water.  But
she realized that they were swimming easily, kicking their back legs, and
their front claws and heads were still free for predatory action.

Before the duckbill could do anything, she felt the tiny teeth piercing into
her throat.  Jaws were biting into her neck.  The teeth were slicing through
as they grabbed onto her neck, and the jaws kept biting and tearing, over and
over.  She reflexively pulled her neck back -- blood poured out of the open
wound like a river. 

She tried inhaling.  She couldnt.

The world quickly grew dark as the duckbill sank down into a watery grave.


by Rachel Clark 

(Is this story worth finishing?)