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On Tue, 7 Nov 1995 steve.cole@genie.com wrote:

 How about "non-reptile amphibians"?

There 'aint no such beast! Amphibians are now defined as all tetrapods 
more closely related to modern amphibians (a monophyletic assemblage 
known as the Lissamphibia)than to amniotes (Synapsids + Reptiles). 
There are of course primitive members of the lineage leading to amniotes 
that have  the primitive method of aquatic reproduction, they are not 
however members of the Amphibia sensu stricto. True amphibians include 
colosteids, temnospondyls, lissamphibians, probaly microsaurs and 
possibly Nectrideans 

Adam Yates
"I like temnospondyls but apart from that I'm okay"