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Re: Triceratops

On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, Stan Friesen wrote:

> Torosaurus is NOT the same as Triceratops, it is even in a different
> subfamily. [The two Torosauri may be synonyms of each other, but
> that is a different matter].

Small taxonomic point: Triceratops and Torosaurus are members of the same 
subfamily. The Ceratopidae was long regarded as divisible into long 
frilled (including Torosaurus) and short frilled (Including 
Triceratops) forms. However it turns out that Triceratops has much more 
in common with the long frilled forms, such as a long squamosal bones and 
large orbital horns and a short nasal horn. The short solid frill of 
Triceratops is only superficially similar to the short but fenestrated 
frills of other short frilled forms (Eucentrosaurus and relatives). The 
two subfamilies are known as the Chasmosaurinae and the Centrosaurinae. 
While on the topic of Ceratopids, I have question for G. O.. If the type 
specimen of Monoclonius crassus is not determinate, then what is the 
correct generic  designation for the skull named Monoclonius lowei? Is 
it in limbo? Is a new name called for?
Adam Yates