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1996 Dinosaur Calendars

Those of you who, like me, are on the constant lookout for good dinosaur 
illustrations and prints will want to keep an eye out for these two 
calendars: "Dinosaurs: 1996 Calendar; Paintings by Brian Franczak" and 
"Dinosaurs: 1996 Calendar; Paintings by Mark Hallett, Doug Henderson, and 
John Sibbick."

The dinosaurs in the Franczak calendar are: Kentrosaurus aethiopicus; 
Shunosaurus lii; Ceratosaurus nasicornis; Dilophosaurus wetherii; 
Parasaurolophus walkeri; Homalocephale calathoceros; Velociraptor 
mongoliensis; Albertosaurus libratus; Avimimus portentosus; Chasmosaurus 
canadensis; Camarasaurus supremus; and Gryposaurus notabilis. If you 
can't find it in your bookstores, the publisher is: Cedco Publishing 
Company, 2955 Kemer Blvd, San Rafael, CA 94901. (They published a 
Franczak calendar last year also.)

The dinosaurs (and other archosaurs) in the other calendar are: Rutiodon 
and Paleorhinus; assorted hadrosaurs and pachycephalosaurs; Allosaurs 
investigating (scavenging?) a Seismosaurus skeleton; Deinosuchos; 
Seismosaurus and Dryosaurus; Lystrosaurus; Tyrannosaurus; mosasaurs; 
Ouranosaurus and Sarchosuchus; Seismosaurus herd; Grendelius; 
Seismosaurus foraging. The publisher is: Pomegranate Calendars and Books, 
Box 6099, Rohnert Park, CA 94927. Pomegranate also publishes some 
beautiful posters by Hallett, Henderson and Sibbick taken primarily from 
_Dinosaurs: A Global View_ by Czerkas and Czerkas.

If Greg Paul is reading this, I'd love to see some of your work published 
in a calendar format sometime.

Does anyone know if The Dinosaur Society is planning on putting out a new 

---- Amado Narvaez