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Re: Re[2]: 2nd law of thermodynamics

In a message dated 95-11-09 17:34:41 EST, bcunning@nssi.com (Cunningham,
Betty) writes:

>Theoretically, since it was a catalogued library to begin with, the books 
>would have already been in a tidy, ordered state and any energy would have 
>been spent in "unordering" it.  Additional energy would have been spent in 
>returning it to it's original state.
>(worked in libraries for many years...if there weren't any patrons, the 
>books would stay in nice, neat rows-barring earthquakes)

So imagine how little energy it would take for some "patron" to shelve a few
books out of place, and how much energy it would take to find those books and
reshelve them correctly.