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Re: SVP in the Steel City (Long)

     G Paul said:
     >Jurassic Park - Stephen Gatsey showed that the "running" T rex in JP 
     >is actually walking (one foot is always in contact with the ground) 
     >at a mere 12 mph! It is interesting that the top speed of racing 
     >Asian elephants is also 12 mph. To go faster requires a running gait 
     >with a supsended phase. So much for the claim in a special on the 
     >making of JP by the animator that he had come up with a realistic 
     >gait for a fast T rex. 
     I'd like to point out that the animators of JP1 also had to work with 
     an animation tool that did not allow ball-and-socket-like joints when 
     constructing the model for animation, such as those found in the 
     femur-hip of therapods, and thus had to fake it with what they had.  
     The knees of the JP1 T rex wobbled during the run like somone doing 
     the Charleston because of it.  The software has improved in JP2.