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Re: Triceratops

>From: John Schneiderman <dino@revelation.unomaha.edu>
 > Just wanted to know if Diceratops hatcheri (USNM 2412), Torosaurus latus 
 > (YPM 1830), & Torosaurus gladius (YPM 1831) are considered to be juniors 
 > of Triceratops horridus?

Maybe, no and no.

Torosaurus is NOT the same as Triceratops, it is even in a different
subfamily. [The two Torosauri may be synonyms of each other, but
that is a different matter].

There may be three valid species of Triceratops, in which case it
is not absolutely clear that T. hatcheri belongs in the same species
as T. horridus.  That said, T. horridus *is* the most common species
of Triceratops, and is the most likely place for T. hartcheri.
[Many of the differences formerly used to separate species of T.
are probably sex characteristics, hatcheri and horridus may be
different sexes - check the "Dinosaur Systematics" symposium
to be sure].

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