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Dr Josh Smith:
If you tell the marketplace what you want to buy, it will
be provided. America (and most of the world) has always worked
that way. Intensely detailed records are, as we both know,
not THAT necessary for the 37th Allosaurus Tibia to show up.
Even if they are, having a GPS reading for the find site
would allow you to re-investigate and Allosaurus Tibia that
turned out to be something unique.

(For those who don't know, GPS = Global Positioning System,
a satellite navigation system accurate to within 50 feet,
and often within 15 feet, anywhere in the world. Hand-held
receivers are now on the market for $200, and the commercial
collectors I know use them, and record the data.)

Commercial collectors aren't going to go away. The same
popularity that yields funding for you to create a market for
your surplus. If you GUIDE the commercial collectors, tell
them what you want, and make it worth the trouble, you'll get it,
and for less than you could find it yourself.

We collectors are not your enemies, and you know full well that
your collections beat ours all to heck. The commercial finders
out there can be trained if you try.--Steve C