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On Wed, 8 Nov 1995, D.W.Naish wrote:
> > The best talk at the meeting was that by Dave Thomas, who showed that Bird's
> > old Texas Cretaceous trackway does show a big theropod attacking the tail of
> > a sauropod. He is almost certainly correct.
> > 
> So, what's his case? I wouldn't have thought that any theropod would be dumb
> enough to start hacking away at a sauropod's most powerful muscular asset. A
> disabled sauropod - or just a dumb theropod?
Or, just to entertain a wild thought, the theropod may have been trying
to jump onto the sauropod - from the end where it would have the best
chance. Or going for the legs, in an attempt to hamstring the sauropod.

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