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Re: DINOSAUR digest 688

><<Except that the large sauropods were extinct by the time of T. rex.  It
>appears that the only prey rex had to deal with were ceratopians and
>But there were in North America, at least the one titanosaur _Alamosaurus_
>(and I doubt that it was the ONLY one, though finding another species is a
>different story); and in Asia, where there were many other species of
>Tyrannosaurs (_Maleevosaurus_, _Jinghiskhan_, _Tarbosaurus_, Alectrosaurus_,
>and _Alioramus_) AND many species of large sauropods (_Opisthicoelocaudia_,
>_Quesitosaurus_, _Nemegtosaurus_, Mongolosaurus_ and lots more).  Maybe,
>Tyrannosaurs are native to Asia, and they evolved their short, _strong_ arms
>just for the purpose of shoving their heads out of carcasses that they got
>stuck in.
>Peter Buchholz

        Don't forget _Dysolocosaurus_, the possible (but probably not)
Upper Cretaceous ?diplodocid? from Wyoming!  8-)

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