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Re: Holtz v. Sereno???

>From: GSP1954@aol.com
 > ... The stance they show is very different from the multiple
 > Triceratops trackways (see the latest J. Vert Paleo), and therefore
 > wrong.

That article is very clear - the front feet were close under the body.
As the article point out, this leaves only two possible stances:
a fully erect stance, and a crocodile-like wide-elbow stance with the
feet tucked under the body. [They favor the first, but they do not
really provide any unequivocal support for that preference].

 > The best talk at the meeting was that by Dave Thomas, who showed that Bird's
 > old Texas Cretaceous trackway does show a big theropod attacking the tail of
 > a sauropod. He is almost certainly correct.

I always have felt the association here was too close to be chance. 

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