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Re: Holtz v. Sereno???

>Concerning the restoration of Triceratops at SVP by Garstka & Burnham, it is
>impossible on many counts. All ceratopsid trunk vertebrae clearly articulate
>in a gentle arch, not the near dead horse sway back they show. The stance
>they show
> is very different from the multiple Triceratops trackways (see the latest J
>Vert Paleo), and therefore wrong. The scapula was too vertical, and the tail
>did not stick straight up like they show! They mistated aspects of my work in
>their text.
>The best talk at the meeting was that by Dave Thomas, who showed that Bird's
>old Texas Cretaceous trackway does show a big theropod attacking the tail of
>a sauropod. He is almost certainly correct.

True, the triceratops stuff was pretty goofy. I mentioned it, among other
things, to stimulate discussion. The fact that a tree was lying on top of
one specimen probably had some influence on the preservation.

Yeah, I liked Dave's talk (very creative), although there are still some
disturbing inconsistencies. I think he might have convinced me, though -
I'll have to go read the literature more to form my own opinion. His
pictures of the trackway weren't as clear as I'd have liked; he showed the
same old photos and drawings that I'd seen before. But still a good job.

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