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extinction at the K/T boundary

Betty Cunningham has drawn attention to this subject once again.
There is abundant evidence from microfossils  that extinction of
most species took place at the K/T.  Microfossils (spores, pollen
grains, unicellular algae etc) are so small that their ch anges 
can be plotted millimeter by millimeter through the  rocks.  The
trouble comes when we try to l ook at large fossils, which are
spread through the rocks at much greater intervals.  No dinosaur
remains are known from less than a meter below the K/T.  This
does not mean that there were none, but that none were preserved
from this time interval in the strata we have excavated.  The
antarctic fish bed is ggod news from this regard, if it really
does lie exactly below the K/T clay.

BTW, it was a comet, not an asteroid that did the damage at the


>From: David Brez Carlisle
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