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Re: Re[2]: T.rex arms and Cry...

<<Except that the large sauropods were extinct by the time of T. rex.  It
appears that the only prey rex had to deal with were ceratopians and

But there were in North America, at least the one titanosaur _Alamosaurus_
(and I doubt that it was the ONLY one, though finding another species is a
different story); and in Asia, where there were many other species of
Tyrannosaurs (_Maleevosaurus_, _Jinghiskhan_, _Tarbosaurus_, Alectrosaurus_,
and _Alioramus_) AND many species of large sauropods (_Opisthicoelocaudia_,
_Quesitosaurus_, _Nemegtosaurus_, Mongolosaurus_ and lots more).  Maybe,
Tyrannosaurs are native to Asia, and they evolved their short, _strong_ arms
just for the purpose of shoving their heads out of carcasses that they got
stuck in.

Peter Buchholz