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Impact-extinction report

     this was in this morning's San Jose Mercury News, in the Science & 
     Technology page.  I have a feeling the story isn't accurate as to the 
     meeting (is it really the SVP meeting?), and I wonder what else is 
     right or wrong about it........
     A researcher has unearthed the first direct evidence of wholesale 
     animal die-offs after an asteroid impact 65 million years ago, 
     supporting the view of many scientists that the impact destroyed the 
     dinosaurs and other life forms.  Paleontologist William Zinsmeister of 
     Purdue University, a leading skeptic of the "impact-extinction" 
     theory, said his discovery of masses of fossil fish spanning 20 square 
     miles-in a layer of Antartic rock corresponding precisely to the 
     asteroid impact-has forced him to change his mind.  He will present 
     his findings at this week's annual meeting of the Geological Society 
     of America.
     -Betty Cunningham