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Re: Glut's Encyclopedia

>   Regarding Glut's work, I definitely do _not_ suggest that anyone 
> buys his "Dinosaur Dictionary". My relatives bought this for me, thinking 
> it would be a good addition to my little library. It was supposedly 
> written in 1972, but there is such a lack of information

    Glut's _New Dinosaur Dictionary_ (note the "New") appeared in 1982 
and brought things up to date for that time, more or less. Within the past 
year or so, some enterprising publisher spiffed up the cover and reissued it 
under a slightly altered title. I bit, ordered a copy, thinking it was 
brand new. When I compared the "new" version to the 1982 version, I 
found them identical, page for page, word for word. So, I returned the copy, 
accompanied by a letter of complaint, and got my money back.

    (Aside to DinoGeorge: What do you think?)

-= Tuck =-