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Re: Tyrannosaur arms

>      How many tyrannosaur species have known arm material attributed to=20
>them?  My impression is that T.rex is the only tyrannosaur with=20
>especially powerful arms, and it was also one of the very last=20
>tyrannosaurs.  Perhaps tyrannosaurs were losing the arms altogether as=20
>their skulls became more powerful, and then T.rex found a new use for its=

Granted, T. rex had good arms, and the estimates of this group being able to=
 lift several tons is interesting by itself, but I wonder how this would=
 compare to the arm strength of an allosaur of roughly the same size.  From=
 this, we could make an accurate deduction on the relative use of the arms. =
 I still say that if tyrannosaurs had continued to evolve, they would become=
 armless (my land whale analogy).