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new refs.

Here are a few more refs which appeared while I was away.

JT Modern geology.
DA 1995 v 20 n 2
PG  109
AU MacLeod, Norman
TI Graphic Correlation of High-Latitude Cretaceous--Tertiary (K/T)
   Boundary Sequences From Denmark, The Weddell Sea and Kerguelen Plateau:
   Comparison With The El Kef (Tunisia) Boundary Stratotype

JT Nature.
DA OCT 19 1995 v 377 n 6550
PG  616
AU Hou, L.
AU Zhou, Z.
AU Feduccia, A.
TI A beaked bird from the Jurassic of China

JT Science.
DA OCT 27 1995 v 270 n 5236
PG  598
AU Grotzinger, J. P.
AU Bowring, S. A.
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TI Biostratigraphic and Geochronologic Constraints on Early Animal