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RE: ref help!

         Caughley(1970) questioned the idea that elimination of the puma 
allowed the deer population on the Kaibab Plateau to expand from 4,000 to 
100,000 in 18 years.   Ecology volume 51, p. 53-72
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Subject: ref help!
Date: Tue, Nov 7, 1995 1:01AM

        OK, I know this has nothing to do with dinosaurs, but I hope
you'll find it excusable.  I figure someone out there will have a line on

        A few years ago there was a study done on deer in the Kaibab
Plateau and predation by wolves.  The study showed that removal of the
wolves wreaked havoc with the deer population.  Later, a few others did
further research and found the original paper to be a bunch of hooey.
However, I no longer have references for any of these studies.  Does
anyone out there have any idea where I might find both the original paper
and the follow up studies!