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Re: ankylosaurs

>In a message dated 95-11-06 03:31:59 EST, pwillis@ozemail.com.au (Paul
>Willis) writes:
>> Until Ralph
>>has finished his analysis, we really had better settle on thyreophoran,
>>just to play it safe.
>Thyreophora is a paraphyletic group, which doesn't bother me but should
>irritate cladists no end. The pelvis of any stegosaur is far closer in
>anatomy to the pelves of heterodontosaurids, pachycephalosaurs, and
>ceratopians than it is to any scelidosaurid or ankylosaur, and indicates a
>substantially closer common ancestor with the former groups than with
>Ankylosauria. Don't let the armor fool you(!).

You may actually closer to the truth than you realise. But I hate to play
the temptress!

Cheers, Paul