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Re: Sereno v. Holtz?

> What did he say?  What did he say?  Anybody tape it?
    Alas, Tom, (and with no aspersions meant to be cast upon Paul Harvey), 
he reported the fireworks centered upon_Tyrannosaurus_ anatomy and 
behavior. 'Twasn't 'til GSPaul clarified the circumstances and mentioned 
all-too-recognizible names that I had any inkling regarding the actual events.
    Even if I had had the capability of taping while avoiding early snow birds 
(local Florida talk for northerners who swoop down upon us this time of year 
and insist upon driving their Winnebagos ten miles per hour *below* the 
speed limit in the passing lane during rush hour [and in *both* lanes during 
other times of day])(uh, nobody on this list, of course), the report was too 
short to allow my addled wits time to function.

> I hope to rectify that when some grant money comes through
    It would be one of the few good uses of my taxes.

> but it wasn't THAT
> much of a 'fight'.
    Aw, gee. Don't be too modest.

> It was nothing like a "Leakey-Johanson"
> quarell, or some of the conflicts that ensue at molecular systematics 
> meeting.
    I don't suppose Cope and Marsh would have found it interesting.
> And, actually, I think he may be correct in his supposition
    The mark of a true scientist, willing to consider someone else's 
hypothesis over his own.

-= Tuck =-