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couple things

On the size of T. rex's forearms. I think its simple, she has been so worried
about whether or not she is the biggest predator that she just nibbled her
fingernails down as far as they could go.

Archy would not have been the typical scavenger as that would require that
she would be able to fly high and for long periods of time. As a new comer to
flight she'd be more likely a quail/pheasent type flyer that would cover a
mile or two at the most. That is a defensive use of flight for something that
eats what it finds while it is on the ground. Frankly it seems to me that it
is much more likely that flight arose from fear more than hunger. Jumpeing to
capture prey (bugs) is pretty sophisticated for a new flyer, control and all
that, whereas flying to get away doesn't take all that much pizzaz.

For what its worth I have gotten several repos from the dino club (the
inexpensive ones from Valley Anatomical Preparations on page 8) and with the
exception of the duckbill teeth they are quite good and compare favorably
with the stuff from other sources. I got mostly teeth and feet bones.

that's it