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> Not necessarily, as the continuing argument over "pygmy" elephants and the
> so-called "onza" specimen from Mexico shows.  You can get into arguments
> over identity.

As Ronald notes, despite the procurement of an entire specimen, the onza
remains a total mystery to those of us not present at its autopsy.
Initial suspicions, based largely on published photos, were that the
animal was either a) a new, gracile puma morph, b) a surviving American
cheetah, or c) a deformed puma. Since the ISC has not published ANYTHING
on the animal since the autopsy, we must assume the latter to be the
case (they would jump at the prospect of proclaiming the procurement of
a new species, certainly not keep quiet about it for  more than 5
years). My source has good evidence that 'onza' type morphology is
consistent with that resulting from a number of health-related
complications.  Oooh.. controversy. 

Of course, this still doesn't explain the consistent reports of onzas
since the 17th century and before... err, best leave it there I promise.

Thylacines? Moi?

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