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Re: T. rex's forelimbs

>> Now there was little tiff between Paul Sereno and Tom Holtz started by the
>> former over early "dinosaur" phylogentics, but that is another matter.

Dateline: SVP


Who says palaeontologists as a stuffy lot? Conferencegoers at the latest
SVP meeting were shocked by a vicious altercation between Drs. Tom Holtz
and Paul Sereno. Holtz was reported as saying afterwards "I do not agree
with him [Sereno], and now he knows it." Sereno, sporting a badly bruised
cladogram, commented, "It's not over, there is always NAPC-6." Some, more
cynical, bystanders thought that the whole thing was a publicity stunt
orchestrated by Holtz to garner interest in the session he is chairing at
the forthcoming NAPC-6 (North American Paleontological Conference) in
Washington. Whatever the reason, the ghosts of Marsh and Cope apparently
still haunt the vaulted halls of American vertebrate palaeontology.


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