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Re: Sereno v. Holtz?

> In any case, Sereno & I disagreed about some character coding, and of course
> he's seen MUCH more of the Eoraptor and Herrerasaurus material than me (though
> I hope to rectify that when some grant money comes through), but it wasn't 
> much of a 'fight'. I think that, as dinosaur paleontologists, we've been a
> pretty laid back bunch for the last few decades, so any public disagreement
> gets blown out of proportion.  It was nothing like a "Leakey-Johanson"
> quarell, or some of the conflicts that ensue at molecular systematics meeting.

     Its my impression that overall vertenrate paleontologists are a 
pretty laid back bunch compared to anthropologists as far as 
disagreements.  Anthro has some pretty nasty infighting.

LN Jeff