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> Someone compared Achai feeding to the methods used by egrets
> and herons and suggested that the forelim bs were used as canopies.
> I can't really imagine an egret o r a heron holding out its wings
> wh ile feeding.  They just don't do th at.
> DAvid
> --
> From: David Brez Carlisle
> bk090@Freenet Carleton.CA

Well, the black egret does. It forms a kind of circle with its wings
(imitate this by making a circle with your arms, hands touching at
finger-tips), forming a feathery umbrella. It wades around like this,
looking between its wings for fishes. Last I heard, no-one was sure
whether the bird does this to cut out glare from the sun, or whether
fishes flee into the shade, obviously not realising that a poised heron's
beak is not far above them.

Read any good ornithology book to find out more.

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