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Re: Sereno v. Holtz?

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995 12:49:47 -0500 you said:

>>    Paul Harvey reported this as a real "fray" on his radio news, this
>>morning. (My fellow drivers must have thought they were sharing Florida's
>>Highway A1A on the way to Cocoa Beach with yet another maniac if they
>>saw me laughing behind the steering wheel.) I can't wait to hear directly

Several years ago Paul Harvey said that he supported creationism.  He often
mildly ridicules intellectuals and academics. How did he present the minor
disagreement over dinosaur evolution?  I wouldn't be surprised if the
creationists blow a minor disagreement like this out of proportion and
claim that scientists don't know anything about the subject.  Such
obscurantism is one of their most common ploys.

>What did he say?  What did he say?  Anybody tape it?

Would the original poster supply more details as to what Harvey said?
Let us hope that Limbaugh does not get involved in paleontology...Opps,
I almost forgot, several years ago Limbaugh made fun of the paleontologists
who found vestigal legs on _Basiliosaurus_. He didn't seem to be overtly
supporting creationism, just generic anti-intellectualism.  I remember that
his TV audience ate his buffonery up.

>In any case, Sereno & I disagreed about some character coding, and of course
>he's seen MUCH more of the Eoraptor and Herrerasaurus material than me (though
>much of a 'fight'. I think that, as dinosaur paleontologists, we've been a
>pretty laid back bunch for the last few decades, so any public disagreement
>gets blown out of proportion.  It was nothing like a "Leakey-Johanson"
>quarell, or some of the conflicts that ensue at molecular systematics meeting.

>[And, actually, I think he may be correct in his supposition, but I'd still
>like to see that PCS has taken into account derived characters known from
>sauropodomorphs and neotheropods but absent in Eoraptor and herrerasaurids.
>All of us agree that these forms best represent morphologically the basal
>conditions for Theropoda and Dinosauria.]

>Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.


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